The more you wait and look, the more you see! We have seeds, peanuts, apples and fat balls…So far: 2 Robins,

1 Blackbird,2 Dunnocks,2 Jackdaws,3 Blue tits,2 Great tits,1 Pigeon and one cheeky squirrel hogging the area! Though they do get a bad rep, he’s pretty cute so one cat banished to the bedroom for an hour or two 🙀We have turned out some of our compost from the bin onto veg beds too for a bit of excitement so the birds can see the worms 🐦Once you start observing their behaviour it becomes even more addictive as you see them dive in or cautiously approach, depending on species. The jackdaws have been waiting for the squirrel to go and occasionally bomb in, then fly off. The dunnocks (sometimes mistaken for a sparrow) like to feed on the fallen seed, whilst the tits cling onto the feeders.…/everything-you-need-to-know…/

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