Look after yourself

Some of my friends are going through really tough times at the moment….Hang on in there you guys 🙌There’s always the ☎️

Take a minute to remember you’re doing your best, you have people who care, you need a break, so try not to feel guilty when you take a minute .

🌀Get some fresh air, take deep breaths. Really fill those lungs and appreciate that you can

🛁🚿Have a bath or shower for a little bit extra than you normally would.

🛌Lay down for a power nap.

🐱Spend time with pets, they know how to chill.

🧥Buy yourself a treat.

🌄Go for a stroll🐦Listen to the birds.

Pop on a song that reminds you of good times

📸Photograph something you see that makes you smile. Look back at it before you go to bed.

🥦🥬🌽Eat something to energise you

🐞Take a few minutes to watch a bug go about its business.

🦆Feed the ducks at the park.

📚Grab that book you started ages ago or buy a magazine.

🍪Bake something yummy.

Give a friend or relative a call instead of a text. Let them know you feel naff. Honesty really can be the best policy.

Have a look on Pinterest at your favourite things Insight timer is a great free app for mindfulness

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