Stick Man!

This week it’s all about the sticks! 🌿
Tomorrow we are holding a Stick Man birthday party 🎂🎉so we’ve been preparing…

Yesterday, I spent way too long making a stick man from elder wood and wire. Should have been cleaning the house 🏡or admin or various other pending jobs.

I then went on a stick man forage for the party. Can you tell I was boring the bike rider, who constantly told me to hurry up 😂
Also had to collect brambles for the stick insects. Got back to the car and realised the car keys were at the bottom of the bag – epic fail and spiky retrieval 

I then returned home to find many deceased stick men in the brown bin 😲 I didn’t even realise there had been so much pruning of the apple tree whilst I was out the other day…. 🤦🏼‍♀️ So I could have just gone to the garden for the collection!

I was greeted at the end of the day with lots of lovely foliage for the birthday pallet sign that I’m going to set up tomorrow. Pictures to come soon. Along with the amazing Stick Man and his stick lady love, knitted especially by my mum 🥰 I’m looking forward to hosting

If you’re looking for an outdoor birthday celebration for your little one then give us a shout 🙌

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